Mol is a payment gateway built to bridge the gab between Africa and the rest of the World.
Mol tends to help African countries transact and make payments on the Internet on Platforms like Google Play Store, EBay, Amazon etc.

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2. Generate Code
All you need is to generate your code with your Local Mobile Wallet
3. Shop On the Stores
Redeem Your Code on Google Play Store, App Store, Ebay or Amazon and Shop With Comfort. Purchase all the Mobile Apps on your Favourite App Store on Your Mobile Phone

Bridging the Gab

PaybyMol is a module of our Core Mol Technology that helps App Store Customers in Africa to purchase products in their local currency with their existing mobile wallets.

Bridging the Gab

Our aim for Local African Countries is to facilitate an easy payment procedure with the help of our Mol payment facilitator.
Now you can shop with ease. :)